Differential Equations Reducible to Variable Separable Method. Differential equation of the first order cannot be solved directly by variable separable method. But by some substitution, we can reduce it to a differential equation with separable variable. Let the differential equation is of the form \(\frac{dy}{dx}=f\left( ax+by+c \right)\),. The solution of the initial value problem is k that the general solution of y' y2e-x is y(x) Solve the initial value problem ... In practice, k must be determined for the particular fluid, container, and ... This is a separable differential equation, which we write as 36/1 — h 1/2 . A routine integration yields 24 h 3/2 Now h(0). chapter 02: separable differential equations. chapter 03: exact differental equations. chapter 04: homogeneous differential equations. chapter 05: integrating factors. chapter 06: method of grouping. chapter 07: linear differential equation. chapter 08: riccati's equation.

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